I am Sharon Wunder. Founder of the Conspire Design Method™ of Coaching with Interior Design + Photographer of Lifes Rituals

Have you considered how your interior is supporting or contradicting the lifestyle you want?
Using modern methods of feng shui and design psychology, I create an image of one's connected environment and teach you how it reacts to your own beautiful self. It's a super power - sharing the wonder of how space conspires with your actions + your actions conspire with your space.

As a Photographer, I honor light and envelope it around my subjects like the golden lasso it is.
I find it frames the authenticity and allows inner brilliance to illuminate into products that become statement pieces for years to come.

Services Offered

Interior Design with Feng Shui

Curated Spaces Using Feng Shui to Amplify Life

Conciously pamper your environments with: color consults, clutter clearing, organizational space planning, modern feng shui readings, & design psychology tips

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Branding Photography

Personal Branding that Tells your Unique Story

Simple set up with 4 quarterly sessions for all the online images to fill up your content for a full year

Unlimited commercial licensing

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Senior Portraits

Images that Empower

Offering green products and packages full of variety to fit your needs. Ready to be document the celebration of this transition that brings so much opportunity in life.

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What You Get


All of our Interiors and Image services start with a conversation about what it is you need and how we offer unique, creative solutions for it.

Top Notch Work

Professional and hands on, Sharon guides the packages for both interior coaching and photography to offer quality outcomes that will last. Truly a smart investment.

Post Session Support

Because we care, it is a value of ours to check in after our services that is provided to make sure clients are able to use the tools and it fits their goals.


I walked through the check out line quickly to purchase my lunch plate and was grabbed by the new cover of the Magnolia Journal for September.  “You are capable”.  It pulled me in.  I’m always looking for a spicy tidbit of a mantra to hold me up when needed.  It also brought curiosity as to why…

I know…its not the way the saying goes…it’s sticking a square peg in a round hole…but we’re not talking about brain teasers right now  – we’re talking about nature’s environment and its curves.  Why then, do we create squared out boxes to live and work in?  Really – which is better? Soften up kiddo!  That’s…

Wholly Guacamole!  What is this word you use to discuss healthy, full, and perfectly imperfect interiors you ask? Ah…now are you able to decipher what it is the Conspire Design Method is trying to show you? Your spaces and places are a part of you.  There is no disconnect.  There is only you and the…

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